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Game Of The Month Contest
Game name & rankVotes
1. Ragnesis Online30
2. Tribal Trouble14
3. Parallel Universe12
4. Neocron 29
5. WarOnline.Net7
6. Thwart Poker5
6. Football Center5
6. Netrek5
9. Quantum Legacy4
9. Hyperiums4
11. Neutral Zone Football3
11. Mystic Adventure MUD3
11. SoulFire3
11. Leopold3
11. Ultimate Baseball Online3
11. High Descent3
11. Shattered Galaxy3
18. Secrets of War2
18. Nations: The Quest for World Domination2
18. Dark Age of Camelot2
21. Heroes of First Star1
21. Tanks 3D1
21. Massive Assault Network 21
21. EUO1
21. Kings of Chaos1

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