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Game Of The Month Contest
Game name & rankVotes
1. DreamShares36
2. Moon Base14
3. Larry Ragland's 4X4 Challenge13
3. Arctic13
5. Sigonyth: Desert Eternity11
5. Boot Mafia11
7. Online Boxing9
7. Legends of Karinth9
9. Deitonus8
9. Kingdoms of War8
11. Galactic Quest7
13. Magi-Nation: Battle for the Moonlands6
14. Avalon The Legend Lives5
15. Pirates4
16. Visions of Zorth3
17. Hamwars2
17. DragonSpires: Scroll Wars2
17. Spaceminers2
17. Star Chamber2
17. Blackout Rugby2
17. World of Dungeons2
23. Cosmic Chaos1
23. Nexuiz1
23. Shadow Worlds1
23. Asheron's Call1
23. BattleCity1
23. Fall of Rome1

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